The Go Board

I'm thrilled you're here! It's my goal to make learning about FPGAs as enjoyable an experience as possible. I hope you find the tutorials and videos helpful. I highly recommend going through them in order, as they build on each other. Feel free to bookmark this page as a reference to come back to.

I Just Received a Go Board, Where Do I Begin?

First things first, let's make sure the Go Board was not damaged in shipping. Get a Micro-USB cable and plug in the Go Board. You should see the PWR LED illuminate immediately. Push the 4 buttons, you should see LEDs toggling, as well as the 7-Segment Display. If that looks good, you're good to go! Let's get started learning.

Watch this YouTube Video if you just received your Go Board

Introduction - Go Board Features
Download and Install the FPGA Tools and Drivers
Project 1 - Your First Go Board Project, Let's Blink Some LEDs
Project 2 - The Look-Up Table (LUT)
Project 3 - The Flip-Flop (AKA Register)
Project 4 - Debounce A Switch
Project 5 - Seven Segment Display
Project 6 - How To Simulate Your FPGA Designs
Project 7 - UART Part 1: Receive Data From Computer
Project 8 - UART Part 2: Transmit Data To Computer
Project 9 - VGA Introduction (Driving Test Patterns to VGA Monitor)
Project 10 - PONG

Go Board Support Stuff

Go Board Schematic
Bitmap FPGA Image That Was Preloaded on The Go Board